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1993 600r problems

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I just got a used 1993 600r with 19k on it.

I did an oil change, cleaned and lubed chain, adjusted distance to reduce chain slack according to haynes book and will do spark plugs and coolent flush soon.

However i have some small problems and balling on a budget does not allow me to do a complete overhaul.

1: Bike constanly has a low idle, i need to run the choke all the time or the bike will stall
2: Heat gauge does not seem to work or bike for some reason never gets hot (wish ful thinking)
3: No tank bolts, i dont have the bolts that connect the tank to the frame, any clue to where i find these or what size they are?
4: i need new tires, any good online shops to check out for 16" tires touring style"

I would appreaciate any and all help on those subjects.

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WOW, thanks guys.

Looks like i have some work cut out for me this weekend.

Thanks again, i will let you know how it turns out after i check a few things and get that tank bolted on.
So it appeared that i had no coolent in the bike. I got that in and the sensor does not seem to budge. I did not get to ride it or warm it up much because it has been raining here in Los angeles, yes we do get bad weather here, so i did not properly warm it up.

However, good news is that the bolt fit perfectly and the tank is secure.

Thanks guys, tomorrow hopefully it will allow me to ride it around. If it does not budge then i will look to see if it is wired properly.

Thanks again.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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