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This sounds silly...but! I had an ATV that I put outerwears on for the air filter intake...keeps dust, water everythig out...I followed a car at 35+MPH for about a mile and then pulled into my farmer friends driveway and we chatted, then oin hte way home the thing just died. I had plenty of gas, and I could smell it. 90+Degrees out and I couldn't get it to do anything more than idle or it would die. I pushed it home, took a shower and then thohght about it over a cool glass of tea...then went outside pulled the seat and looked at the airfilter, it was absolutely clean and you could see light through it! so as I'm changing plugs I start it and it runs great! I then put the outerwear back on the intake to the airbox and put the seat on and it won't start. ARGHHHH! So I take the seat off remove the airbox lid...then for some reason looked at eht outerwear and it was brown on top insteasd of dark black...I went to the iar compressor in the barn and blew it clean from inside to outside then blew off the outside then from inside to outside again...reinstalled everything...and it ran like new again...long story..check your airfilter and airbox, even your throttle linkage. A little paint even if it had some solvent wiped on it to make it look clean...could still be the culprit...Change your plugs too. They may have been a litle rough with your bike...other than that look for crimped fuel lines under the tank and around inside the fairing...even a lose hose clamp will cause the system to suck air before fuel...
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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