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If you've read my other 2 posts, you get the idea of why I'm asking. Some Yahoo got this quad for free or dirt cheap and decided to get it running and sell it.

After I've spent the last 2 days tinkering with it, I have to say that before this person got it, it wasn't abused at all. It doesn't even look like it's been ridden that much. For being 12-years old, it is in really good shape. (Granted, the inside of the carb. and bowl told the story--they let gas sit in this thing for years and it never ran after that.)

So, I completely rebuilt the carb. but the choke mechanism is missing. The cable is there...and there was a rubber plug stuffed in the hole...but the plunger and everything is gone. To get it running, I made my own plug for the hole for the time being. The odd thing is that it doesn't seem to need a choke to run. It starts up great.

So, should I waste the money on e-bay or new for the choke mechanism (or an entire carb.) or should I leave it the way it is...?


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