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I just got a deal on a 1997 Bayou 220 that is in good condition overall, but needs a little TLC.

The first thing I did, after reading (and finding) this forum, was rebuild the carb. It ran when I bought it, but not for very long...I knew when I saw that the air filter wasn't attached that someone got it running and then offloaded it without giving it the love it deserved. My best guess is that the person I bought it from bought it at an auction or found it in a garage somewhere. It really looks good and appears to be in good mechanical condition with a few exceptions. Anyway, to make a long story short--I spent about 2 hours completely disassembling and rebuilding the carb. To my surprise (because this never happens to me), it fired up as soon as the bowl filled with fuel. All I had to do was adjust the idle.

Anyway...now the bad stuff. The idiot (I mean, "person") that got this running didn't have the key--so they hacked off a bunch of wires and used wire nuts to get everything working. It will fire off without the key...since the key-switch is gone...and the headlights work. The tail lights don't work, however...along with the Neutral and Reverse lights. (The neutral switch was also disabled...it will start in gear.)

I'd like to return this to it's original condition as much as possible. Should I just buy the replacement key-switch and then reconnect everything the way it was...or, should I just buy the complete harness for $44 and start over that way?

Has anyone else been through this? How did you know what wires matched up with what colors? Any advice would be appreciated.


PS-I'm confident that it isn't stolen because I received a bill of sale, with the correct VIN Number and the Seller's Name and phone number. I just can't believe they butchered the wiring like they did...
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