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I'm checking if I'll be able to get enough out of this bike to make it worth getting it running. I'm in Pennsylvania.

No title, checked with DMV, it's not stolen. Needs a muffler, right footpeg mounts on the frame are busted. Missing rear caliper. Stripped at one point for a street fighter. No gauges. Sub frame has been chopped. No plastics, lights, fairngs, rear seat. Just about everything besides the fundamentals have been removed.

I'll be putting in just enough to make it run and drive. Even if you're not in the market, if this is or is not worth $600 to you, please speak up. I'd like to keep it and enjoy it but I'm harshly budgeted. I'll settle for having my fun with getting it running and try to make a few bucks off it. I'm trying to decide if it's worth another few hundo to get it running or should I cut my losses and scrap it.

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