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I have a chance to pick up a 1999 KX250 for a very good price ($600) that runs is in in good shape. Is this motor still somewhat competitive with a more modern KX250 motor(2005-2007) or the YZ250? How would it compare against a 250F?

Would this engine make a good donor engine for a 250AF, if I can get a rolling chassis cheap? Has anyone done this using the older generation of engines?

Since I have you here...
I just rebuilt a PW50, new piston and rings, bearing and pin. I did all the work in a dust free environment and followed all instructions. I also put in new reeds, ad cleaned up the ports.
When I had it apart I miked the cylinder and it was in spec so hone was all it needed. I checked the crank bearing and there was no movement.

When I put it back together it turned over fine with the plug out, then when I put the plug in and it had compression it makes a very high pitched and light "tink" sound when I kick it over. Even if I do it very slow it will go "tink" right as it starts compression stroke. If I take out plug it does not make any noise at all.
I started it up and when it idles it makes the sound but when it revs up it goes away, after it warmed up the sound got much quieter but it was still there at idle.

Is this something to be worried about or will it go away as the engine breaks in?
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