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I just picked up a 70 bushwacker 90 that has been sitting since 83. We got it running and are now working out the kinks. It doesn't have a battery, but kicks over on one or two kicks. I have an electrical problem. The headlight, high beam indicator light, and neutral lighter were all working. I put a bulb in the tail light and it was burning very bright. When I applied the brake the light would dim considerably. The headlight just burned out and now the to indicator lights do not work. I looked under the cover of darkness, but did not see any type of fuse box, with the exception of the one that appears to be going to the battery, which in nonexistent at the moment. Also I decided to premix the fuel rather than rely on the injection system. I used 8oz of oil per 1 gallon of gas. Will this be okay?

2d bike is an '82 550 LTD. The bike runs fin, but it has always seemed to have a slapping sound when I downshift after riding it for a little ways. It always starts out with smooth shifting up and down, but once it gets warmed up it starts the problem as previously mentioned.

I would appreciate anyone's assistance.

Thank you,

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