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I was washing my bike last night when I noticed a little screw...screwed strait into my rear tire :x I pulled it out and checked it this morning and noticed no change in tire pressure/tire firmness/etc. I'm assuming that it's alright and it didn't actually puncture all the way through. The screw was probably about 1/4" long. What do you guys think?? Does it sound ok?

Also I cut down my back fender last night by mounting the license plate where the top reflecter was and it looks pretty good. so my 2nd question is why would you spend $50 on a fender eliminator kit? isn't it just a piece of metal? Granted that it probably looks a little cleaner...but it seems like it should only be a 5-10$ mod.

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2 ANswers

One--If the screw was in the tread nad not between them then dab some spit on it...if you see it bubble then it is leaking, if not leave it alone and check your tires like you are suppose to everyday looking at them and I like to adjust mine once a week...

Two--Shaving the fender or removing the panels and taking it out is just as easy...hanging the plate with some plumbers tape (metal with holes in it, is very easy.)
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