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hey Newtron, do a search in this cruiser forum and you will find previous threads on this subject.

P.S. welcome to the forum ;-)

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200 tyre

I must have spent a week researching this looking at hundreds of websites,manufacturers recommendations ,rim data and looking closely at all the other cruiser rim/wheel ratios and sports bike fitments across all the brands!
This is what I came up with in the end:
The correct 17" rim for a 200 tyre is a 5.5"-6.0"
However tyres larger than 200 can also be fitted to a 5.5"rim also so therefore there is a bit of leeway in these recommendations.
Some tyres on the correct rims have quite a "rim overhang" when you veiw them- check out the Yamaha warrior rear with the origional tyre.
The most important thing to the rear tyre is the overall shape- the cross sectional shape - it is this which sets the handling.
If you pull a wide tyre onto too skinny a rim it will "peak" and give that "fall of the edge" feeling on cornering.
If you veiw 12 different brand tyres sitting on the rack you will see that some are wide and flat some peak in the middle and some are rounded.
Check the width across the rubber where it mounts on the rim - again some are 5" some 6" one I found was 7".
So what I did was took the origional 170 tyre and sat it next to all the tyres and looked at them from end on.
Any tyres that had a more "peaked" profile or a flatter profile I discounted.
Then the ones that had the same profile I measured the distance across the rim fitment area.
I found a couple that were close and one that seemed to have exactly the same width and profile.
I then had it fitted and looked at the profile to compre it again with the cardboard template I made when my origional was still fitted to the rim inflated.
Same profile but wider.
Fitted to bike -5mm clearance to swingarm-and tested it.
It feels exactly the same except better grip and looks better.
The tyre is a Michelin Pilot Sport HPX 200/50 ZR 17 soft compound sport tyre.
Noone will guarantee any tyre for any bike and most will only recomend on a "personal taste" basis , so I reckon try and see.
I personally wouldn't recomend this fitment if you were on a bike that could do knee s****ing 80 mph sweepers but for cruising,straight line draging,and round town fanging it seems fine.
Hope this helps someone.Have a photo but not sure how to insert it??
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