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Bike: 2000 Ninja 500 EX
Mileage: 5575
Owned: 1 year or 800 miles
Basic Tune up was done 3 weeks ago. Included brand new battery.
Bike is all stock.
I had been riding for 15 minutes stop and go through traffic lights then I got on the highway. I had cruised at about 65-75 mph for about 5 minutes when the RPMs started fluctuating (the same feeling when you know you need to switch the fuel cutoff from normal to reserve, but I had a full tank) that lasted for 10 seconds then the engine shutoff. The throttle was not responsive when the RPMs started fluctuating. I pulled to the shoulder. Checked the fluids, battery connection, oil was steal clean from last oil change 3 weeks ago…everything looked fine. Tried to start the bike, it turned over fine, the engine would fire up stay on for a second and then shut down (it was like it couldn’t idle). During the time when the engine was on for a second I tried to rev it but nothing would happen. I tried that 5 or 6 times. Then I sat for 10 minutes and started it again the bike fired right up and idled so I let sit for 10 minutes, revved at 4000-6000 RPM for a few minutes still worked fine. Turned off the engine, turned it back on and rode to and from my destination (20 min to my destination, 5 hours the bike sat, then 30 minute ride home) with absolutely no problem the bike ran perfectly.

I got it out of winter storage 3 weeks before that ride but could only ride once a week because of the temperature. Lows were around 33-40 degrees a night for three weeks. Last time I rode it was a week before the problem occurred the bike ran fine. Anyone have any suggestions?
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