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I bought this bike as my first bike in February 2004. I put over 5000 miles on it before the engine blew a piston in the fall, due to a clogged jet and too hot of spark plugs. The engine was rebuilt by Cycleworks with new gaskets, piston, and rings- have receipt. The cylinders were rehoned as well. While there, the jetting was done correctly, the carbs were cleaned, and basically everything on the bike was freshened up.

Here are the modifications to the bike:
flush mount blinkers in the front, rear blinkers relocated into tail light pods
fender cut to eliminate stupid mud flap
Ninja 500R rear shock- has stiffer spring and preload adjustment, makes bike handle much better
purple stickers removed off most of bike
lips of rim polished
aftermarket aluminum footpegs
aftermarket grips
Woodcraft lowered risers - lower bars, move them forward for more control and more weight on front end
15t front sprocket - lower cruising rpm, spreads gears out slightly, beneficial on the highway, not noticeable in the twisties.

Now for the bad:
I laid this bike down on the left side, causing the damage circled in the pictures. The fairing is intact, and has been reinforced with fiberglass on the inside. It has been cracked, but is still functional and could possibly be filled and repainted if someone wanted to put a little time into it.

This bike would make a perfect beginners bike, since it has a low seat height, dry weight of 304 lbs, and around 30 hp. Although a slouch by modern sportbike standards, the Ninjette will beat most cars on the road no problem 0-60, and top out around 105 mph. This bike is also fun to throw around as hard as you want. It weighs 304 dry, and with the single exhaust (20 lbs weight savings) and the centerstand removed (7 lbs?), this bike is really nimble. Strip it down to practically nothig, and run the snot out of it on a tight track like Gateway, it may not be the fastest bike, but it would still be fun. The 250R also is good for commuting, averaging close to 70 mpg. Even use it as a pit bike or backup bike, it will do it all- maybe not the best, but it is capable. I have ninja 500 dogbones to lower the bike for smaller riders- making this bike even less intimidating to new riders.

I am looking to get $1500 for the bike. There are 75 miles on the rebuild and around 10,000 on the bike. I am selling because I bought an SV650S while the baby Ninja was being rebuilt.

Here are pictures for those that are interested. Thanks.

Email amcquinn86 AT hotmail.com for questions or photo requests. Replace "AT" with @
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