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I am in need of some sage advice.

2000 kl250 super sherpa in need of some serious TLC.
The bike is a salvage that my son and i are trying to get running. it does not have any of the lights or an ignition switch on the bike but all of the wiring harness is intact and all of the plugs are in good shape. we have so far been able to get the bike to turn over using the starter switch but i am not getting any spark. we have jumped out the hand brake switch and the clutch switch as well as having jumped the ignition switch plug to fake out it being turned on. (white is power in, 4 wires attached to this and 1 ground i left alone) i checked all of the fuses and they are all fine. found out there was a kickstand switch and raised up the kickstand but i still get no spark. i am wondering if there is anything else that needs to be jumped to get spark or if there are some tests i can do on the CDI and coil ect. i am also looking around for the missing pieces, headlight, speedo cluster, ignition switch ect. to get the bike back in shape so if anyone knows where there are some, let us know.
i know this is a big project but it something fun my son and i are trying out this winter. even without the lights it will be a good bike for him to learn on.
any help is greatly appreciated.
other rides, 1964 yamaha 90 (also a salvage in 1968), 1970 yamaha 175 enduro,1971 honda cb350, 1972 H2 (and i am still alive), 1982 kz750ltd, 2000 super sherpa.
Thanks Ted and Spencer.
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