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Hi my name is Keith I bought my 12year old son a kx250 got him off that Honda 230f got bike at good deal engine was locked up I'm a mechanic I build Racing Engine's and transmission I can fix anything so I took it all apart all new bearings new wiseco crankshaft that I got off eBay for 100 dollars with bearing and seals man said it locks up when he in put his engine together told me it was for 2001 so I got it put in and when put cyl on engine lock up just before TDC on both sides of rotation so it had a better rod than stock thicker so I Clarence the case .100 on the lower side on the case and put it back together at work just fine found the powervalve was missing half of it I build 700 plus cubic inch Big blocks so will someone be kind and tell me what will happen power wise without it my son is jumping up and down in my ear I'm sure it'll lose some Bottom end power til I can find a replacement one any help on finding one please and what kinda of oil and ratio to mix it I just hate to do something twice fix it right the first time then you got more time to drink 🍺🍺 thanks
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