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So I found out the brakes on the front tire of my Ninja were worn down pretty far. So I decided to change the pads.... myself...

Now I from the brake from the wheel and take out the smaller of the two pads and find I can't get the other pad off. Then I find out I can't or don't know how to really replace the pads. Now I'm stuck with a bike that doesn't have a left side pad and an extremly worn right pad.

What I need help with is information pertaining to changing the front brake pads on the Ninja 500R. Either here on the boards or which service manual to buy and where I can get it. What tools I'll need and so and so forth.

I appreciate any and all posts regarding this subject.


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Front Brake Pad Removal
-unscrew the caliper mounting bolts
-detach the caliper from the disc
-take off the piston side pad out of the caliper holder
-push the caliper holder toward the piston, and then remove the other pad from the holder
Front Barke Installtion Notes
-push the caliper pistons in by hand as far as they will go
-install the anti-rattle spring in place
-install the piston side pad first, and then the other
-install the caliper
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