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2001 ZX-1100 D Modifications

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Does anyone out there on a ZX-1100 D, 01 model? Just put on Full D & D Exhaust system, rejetted carbs, K & N filter, & advancer. Gained 10 + more horses and 4 lb-ft. + of torque. Looking to do more mods. Any suggestions? Limited budget (according to wife). :oops:
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I'm not familliar with your bike...but aerodynamics are going to do more for you than most of the mods you could do. Getting into the slipstream and stayin gther is the thing to accomplish except for setting up and trying to become a drag chute prior to cornering to slow you down even faster...a taller windscreen shaving the seat, clip-ons, rearsets, for the bike framesavers, to save all the plastic/fiberglass fairing. Lighter tires, wheels, or even lower profile tires...you could even change the sprockets for what ever type of riding you are doing...track riders have it done for every track they have a different set up...should be the same for most people for what ever type of riding/ city, interstate, commuting...cut the rear fender (dragchute) down to streamline, go to miniture brighter and smaller LED turnsignals front and rear, balance your tires (really), lose all the dead weight...do you really need the centerstand and such??? and for the rider get your self ID information to wear around your neck, name address phone number, alergies to meds, current meds, a good/great helmet, real nice riding gear, awesome sticky tires, and then adjust your suspension front and rear, but keep a record of where you are before you start making changes to the suspension and then change only minor adjustments to the rear till you get it perfect...logging every change. then do the front end fork oil, unless it seems perfect already, Tires and suspension next to brakes...then motor...all the way down to rider comfort, and identification... Riding gear, boots even military lace up boots, rain gear...back support, leather or riding jeans...
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Thanks, working on changing sprockets and chain now. Will give update as I go on, again Thank you :D
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