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2001 zx-6r exhaust i need farking help

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I have a 2001 zx-6r and i recently bought an ART aftermarket bolt on muffler.i need to know if i need to get it jetted.Ive heard that i can burn out valves/destroy valve seats. will running this can hurt my engine?that was in a euro mag.please help .. :( :( :(
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Most probably, yes you should rejet. Changing out you air filter isn't a bad thing to do and gettin ga better one like a K&N is a good thing because it actually can filter more air. Rejetting could be done easy enough...(HA) if you have someone to lead you through it once. I'm a learner by watchin gand then doing, not a book kind. anyway, ther is a way to check and it involves warming you r motor up and then while it is still warm (not hot) installing brand new plugs and going to a place with a preferable uphill and shifting all the way through the gears (this way you have a constant load on the engine) and when you get to the end of the shifting hitting your clutch and off button and not downshifting...then letting it cool off and reading the plugs...closely examining them for soot, gas/oil, or deposits, a light brownish color is the desired color, white is to hot and you would definately have to rejet. IF you fill in your profile and tell us where you live, what your hobbies are nad what you do for a living it makes many things easier for the forum to chat with you. IF you wait on tables at a Korean resturaunt that won't help us much, but your hobbies may include something easier to relate with, to one of our forum members. Now if you are an electronics technician there are words that we use or a computer technician therea re words that we use...so that we sort of find the right way to communicate with you. YOu may be setting in a place wher we have forum members that do this rejetting all of the time...and their assistance is awesome. When you see how and what you are dealing with it makes a difference. Now that you have the muffler on now is the time to rejet. Until you know just don't be out there winding or wringing it out and holding on to some top end...especially if you are running lean...I have a buddy in NV and when he went in for his inspection the trick is to adjust the idle to the very lowest that you can because they measure stuff by cubic foot per minute...slow idle less cubic feet per minute...cheating, made easy...
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