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2001 zx-6r ninja exhaust question

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I recently bought an ART bolt on muffler.i need to know if i need to get this thing jetted to run the can.ive read that the valves can suffer from not jetting it.Is this true? ive also heard that i dont need to jet it.help :cry: :( :( :cry:
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This info may not apply to your model/engine size/year, but...I own a 97 ZX900R Ninja...and put a Hindle slip-on can on her. I didnt do any jetting. Most cases, you'll need to rejet only if you install a full system, not just a slip/bolt-on can. Ninjas tend to run lean from the factory, which produces more engine heat, which shortens engine life over time. So, I also had shims put on my carb needles, (two .5 mm shims per needle) and drilled out the factory-installed plugs over the air/fuel mixture screws so I could richen up the gas/air mixture. As far as your valve damage concerns, talk to several mechanics, and get their insight, or do more research on the web. Visit other forums. Try www.onedownfiveup.com. Hope this helps at least steer you in the right direction....
PS..see if you need a new crush gasket where the canister mates with the header collector (where all 4 pipes merge into one) Chances are you'll have to replace it if it comes with one....
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