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I've decided to make a rather pointless and heavy trackbike out of the zx7 and zx9 parts I have to mess around on rather than binning my racebikes at trackdays.

I've got a bunch of items left over and could use the extra cash(and the wife wants them out of the laundry room)

All parts are from a 2001 ZX7r.

complete fork assembly, including upper/lower triples, calipers, clipons, levers etc. $550

complete front wheel with straight rotors, Bridgestone 014 tires w/ about 200 squid miles on the(sides are untouched)

complete front wheel with sprocket/cush drive, and same rubber as above. $200 per wheel.

Stock headlight assembly, like new condition. $50
Gas tank w/Key, like new, black in color, mint, no scratches $125

I also have many other ZX7 and ZX9 parts, electronics, etc, if you need something, PM me and I'll look for it.

I have the engine from the ZX7 as well but it has 2 bent valves(previous owner made a silly bet about how long the bike could survive at redline in neutral) it had 4800 miles on it when I made the purchase and its been siting in my garage for 2 years. the bottom end is still good and the top could probably be repaired.
might be fun in a go-kart or something. $200

Sorry the street bodywork is already sold.

I'd like to get rid of this stuff before christmas, so I am willing to negotiate on prices

PM or email me at [email protected]

I'm not sure what the market is for these parts so let me know if my prices are way off. I can take some photos if anyone would like them.

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