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My buddie crashed my 2002 ZX-9R about a month ago. He was riding and lost control in a curve. He had some cracked ribs, puncture lungs, road rash and a few others. He was in the Hospital about 3 weeks. He ended up dying after that. I will miss him very much. Now I'm trying to fix the bike so I can sell it or either keep it to remember him. I'm looking for some parts, if there is anyone out there that have these parts or know where to find them cheap, either used, or new cheap, or maybe even a sponsor who will give us any good deals and discounts I will aprreciate the help...Here is the part list:

Part Description OEM Part Number/Aftermarket

Front Turn Signals Aftermarket
Rod Tie Suspension / Bone Aftermarket lowering link
Frame Slider Aftermarket
Swing Arm Spools Aftermarket
Cover Under Bracket 14091-1271
Mirrors Multiple Parts
Wind Screen 39154-5016
Head Light 23007-1378
Slip-On Exhaust Aftermarket
Upper Fairing Bracket 39184-1088
Head Lamp Relay Bracket 11052-1822
Clip-Ons Multiple Parts
Foot Pegs Multiple Parts
Levers Multiple Parts
Bar Ends 13042-1133
Clock / Meter Multiple Parts
Housing-Assy-Control Left 46091-1716
Housing-Assy-Control Right 46091-1823
Air Intake Grills 14037-1267
Rear Seat 53003-1494-MA
Gas Tank 51082-5105-230
Fairing / Plastics Multiple Parts
Fairing Screw Kit Multiple Parts
Wind Screen Screw Kit Multiple Parts
Head Light Wiring Harness Multiple Parts

Thanks fpr the help...My email address is ([email protected])
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