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Please read entire post before asking.
I have 2 1500cc engines
engine 1 (completely torn down)
reason for removal seized Crank, rods and cases junk
good cylinders
good heads
good tranny
a lot of associated parts
no intake or injection parts.

engine 2
reason for removal seized due to no oil (piston lands broke consuming oil)
same as above cases may be good I didn't split the cases, just pulled cylinders then replaced with a 1600.

all parts are yours for the asking you will have to arrange and pay for shipping No fuss on my part as I am just giving the parts away.
Location Phoenix Arizona
If you need a specific part ask I may have it.
if no one wants this stuff I am going to just chuck it.
I can be reached here or area1509 that is a gmail address No BS just want someone to use the parts

I purchased the bike with s seized engine replaced, that one with a 1500 meane engine from ebay then a year later my wife passed away and I wasen't paying attention (figure that) so
I ran the second engine out of oil the strange thing is there was no bad noises or weird vibrations it just stopped going I thought the fuel pump had failed until it would not crank and i noticed there was no oil in the bike, lots of choice words were yelled into the freeway so any or all of the parts are free ( you must do the work of arranging shipping or pick them up in Phx, AZ)
thank you for your time.
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