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2003 MOJAVE Help!! :(

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I have been having problems with my mojave it was working fine all of the sudden it backfires when the gas is let of.... it has to be kept reved higher than iddle or it will shut off. its got a new spark plug...

what can this be any1 know???

Running Lean?
Running Rich?

Please help if you have had this problem or have an idea

The quad did get an intake put in about a year ago. (but the problems are now just starting to occur
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start by cleaning your carb before jumping to more serious conclusions
Valve ADJUSTMENT. 99% of all "Carburetor Problems" are due to insufficient valve clearance.
I had a mojave for 10 yrs and never had a problem with the way it ran and never adjusted the valves
I see a lot of this sort of problem this time of year when my buddies get around to cranking their ATV's up for Elk season after months of setting around in storage with old gas in the carbs.

The first thing I suggest is to clean the carb and make sure there are no fuzzies in any of the internal orifices. The gasoline we get now days goes bad in a few weeks, and setting for months pretty much assures electrolysis will start growing white fuzz in the brass jets and various bleed holes.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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