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One of the most horrible mistakes made by retail consumers is to assume the dealer is getting rich off of them.

MANY retail customers feel the dealer should owe them their life because "I just spent 6500$ at that place!!!" .....well,honestly..in any other business in the world,you do not see some one (dealer) who has to tie up 6000$ for so long of time ...just to hope it sell on time before floor plan payments start on it,..so that he can actually have a hope that he can make 10% if he is lucky.

More times than enough,there are a few leftover models,etc that are simply a losing deal,..the dealer has been paying floor plan on them for a year,it is all just a loss now....and guess what..... The customer that ends up buying it also thinks you owe him for the rest of your life,because he bought it from you and you lost money....he took it off the dealers hands,so the dealer owes him too.

The,..there are a few things go wrong with the bike and ,sy,Kawasaki(for examle) wont cover it,.....you see where I'm going.

NO,I'm not a dealer,but have some friends that are.
You often hear people cry foul about their local dealer,..I just think sometimes people should take a deep breath and think it through .
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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