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I have owned many bikes and this is a first. This week on a 10 degree morning I started my garage kept Nomad (only 1500 miles ) No reving, keeping it at about 1000K, till it warmed up, my idea is to heat the oil up to disapate moisture in the oil/engine, the battery is conected to a float charger ( I don.t have to run it longer to recharge the battery) So, I let the temp gauge move up near normal then turn it off. I noticed about 2 timbles full of pure clean engine oil had dripped from the small vent hole half way down the bottom of the muffler, (repeat, pure clean engine oil),
I did fill the crankcase up to the top of the sight window. This is a water cooled close tolerance engine,does anyone know what could have caused this ?. Thanks, cos :roll:
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