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Hello, Just getting ready to take possession of the new beast
its the Green & white version, I sure like it, Last one I owned was
a KZ650 back when.........Anyway I heard one with Vance & Hines
pipes, sounded good, I have ordered a set of the StraightShots,
Viper Tips, and I went ahead and got the V & H jet kit too,
I figure I'll run stock pipes for a few miles, get some time on motor, then upgrade, I have a few questions about this:
is the jet kit absolutley needed? I hear different stories
How difficult is it to install, I have plenty of mechanical experience
If too diificult will it hurt to install the pipes myself and drive the thing to the mechanic who is 40 miles away?

thanks for the help
Will have pics available soon

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Congrats on the new bike, and welcome to the board! If you olny change pipes rejetting is not usually an absolute must. However if you change your air intake it IS a must to rejet. When I put pipes on my 800 I went ahead and changed over to a K&N filter in the original(stock) air box and was advised to rejet which I did and it REALLY made a big differance in preformance, the bike ran cooler and was much more responsive. The hardest thing about changeing pipes on a Vulcan is getting the stock pipes off, and be sure not to tighten the flanges too tight. The K&N air filter WILL make a differance also and is a fairly cheap mod. that I would reccomend. Best of luck with your new ride1

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Hi and Welcome:
I also have the Green and White 04 Classic, it is posted in
"Want to show off your ride"
I put Cabra pipes and a Jet kit in my bike all by my lonesum it was not too difficult.

For the Jet kit do the following
front seat
spedo cable from front wheel
Spedo from Tank (only Bottom bolt)
right side of air box and housing

Choke knob/Idle set
you can then remove carb, you will find several hoses but they are all diffrent and are easy to tell where they go. If you pull the center screw on the cable slides you can slip the cables off with out changing your settings.

after that follow the directions on in your jet kit, you will ned to drill out a cover hiding the mixture screw, change the needle valve and install the main jet.

I have experminted with mine trying differant sizes and at 4500 feet I am running a 130 and can now change them in about 30 to 45 min.

Good Luck and any other questions let me know.

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hi daniel...welcome to the forum..i've got a '04 1500 also with all you bought..the v&h straightshots and jet kit...i put the pipes on b4 i rejetted and it ran ok..then i got the k&n filter and rejetted..can see mine over at the see my ride forum with pics of the pipes and the corbin seat.you'll like the mods..i ran with the baffles in for a while then took them out...hav'nt put them back in and prolly wont..it sounds too good :twisted: ...later..alton
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