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I have had this bike for about 5 months ride it all the time has 12000 miles on it.did not ride it for about a week and a half went outside the battery was dead tried to jump it off it will turn over good but thats all it doea it dont even sound like its tring to start. anybody got any ideas i can try before i take it to the shop.the FI light flashes when i try to start it and i grounded the single ornge wire under the seat because i was told it would make the FI light flash and that would give me my code but when I groung it it does not flash and if i turn the key while its grounded the FI doesnt flash help please

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First how are you trying to jump start the bike ? Car ?

Secondly Exactly how are you entering the diagnostic mode on the bike ?

Below is the proceedure for entering Dealer Mode 1 to see if there are any fi Codes present.

Self-diagnosis Procedures.

When a problem occurs with the DFI system and ignition system, the DFI indicator light on the Meter set (LED) goes on.
Use a fully charged battery when conducting self-diagnosis. Otherwise, the light (LED) blinks very slowly or doesn’t blink at all.

Keep the self-diagnosis terminal grounded during self-diagnosis, with an auxiliary lead.


•Remove the front seat and pull the self-diagnosis terminal [G].
•Turn the ignition switch ON.
•Connect an auxiliary lead [E] for grounding to the self-diagnosis terminal.
•To enter the self-diagnosis dealer mode 1, ground [A] the self-diagnosis terminal for more than 2 seconds, and then keep it grounded continuously, The Battery Ground Terminal Is A Good Ground Point.

Count the blinks of the light (LED) to read the service code. Keep the auxiliary lead ground until you finish reading the service code.

Hopefully this will give you a code BUT be aware that certain faults will not show a fault Code :(

Let us know what you get :)
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