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2005 Nomad?

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:?: On Kawasaki's website they do not show the Nomad on the list for the 2005 model year. Does this mean that they will no longer offer the 1500 Nomad?
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Geez, I hope that's not true....... :evil:
I thought they were going with the 1600 Nomad??? :roll:
I was under the impression those 2005 bikes they show now are just teasers.. :shock: and they want to keep us in suspense waiting for the bigger toys..

the rumor i hear is the nomad will stay in the lineup but is being revamped with some
"major" changes- that bike sells to good to go away,a 1600 motor maybe? who knows
Why change to just a 1600? I think that heavier bike needs the 2000cc... yeah, that's it! Then a tour trunk, removeable of course. Who ever heard of hard bags and no tour trunk? :?
Guess I'll stick with my 1500 :wink:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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