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Hello everyone! I have a issue with my 2006 ninja 650r. A little backstory i bought this bike with 26k miles last year and before that it sat outside uncovered for 3 years. As of right now it sometimes runs on one cylinder, it seems to happen at idle and then will kick in at higher speeds after some stuttering and sputtering. Or sometimes it runs on one cylinder for miles before it comes to life. Then goes back to one cylinder usually at idle or at low rpms. It also seems to sputter and stutter at higher throttle when both cylinders are working. At one point after replacing the gas tank and fuel pump it ran for about 3000miles perfectly then i noticed it stuttering at high rpms then it died on me once then it died and wouldnt start and it got put away for the winter, this spring we found one of the coils was loose and it started up and seemed to run just fine until my clutch cable broke and I drove it home in first gear then it sat for another two weeks until the cable came in then it really started acting up.
This is what i have done to it so far,
Gas tank(Old one was rusted badly)
Fuel pump
Spark plugs(cylinder 1 plug was rich/black and 2 was lean/white)
generator and rectifier

Ive ran all kinds of cleaning agents through the system, also the bike has a power comander with a two brothers exhaust with the proper map on it.
as far as i can tell the coils and plugs are working properly and getting proper voltage. At this point i dont know what else to do besides bring it to a professional but feel almost defeated by this **** cursed bike haha.
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