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2006 Kawasaki ZX6R Silver with Red flames. I have a ton of stuff. I guess I will list the things that are off the bike and still on the bike that I have prices for and if you don’t see what you need PM me or post and I will get a price for that. These prices are OBO for the most part depending on what part it is. I’m not a parts guy so I’m just going off how much I hear somebody else selling a part for and what I see on ebay and other forums. And I will try to get pics of it all this weekend so bare with me. All in good condition unless specified otherwise. Bike was involved in a slow head on collision so from forks back is all good condition. There is a ton of stuff that is probably quick selling stuff on and off the bike but I just don’t have an idea of reasonable prices yet and I don’t want to post a list of everything with no prices and have the post get deleted tonight. Ok here goes…

Taken off bike already:
Rear light $60
Rear tail plastic with a some scratches $150
Gas Tank with small dent $300
Gas tank fuel pump $60
License plate light $25
Left side plastics (mid section near mint – $150
Left side plastics (lower section has some small scratches – $100)
Air intake front duct tube with mesh screen $90
Front seat mint $60
Rear seat mint condition (taken off first day for plastic cover) 60
Tach with metal attachment $190
ECU $115
Right side factory mirror mint $30
Both rear passenger pegs $60
2 factory front turn Signals $40
Factory windscreen $70
Factory muffler $60

I will post a lot more as I gather more prices for things such as muffler, mid pipe, transmission engine etc..

Stuff still on bike:
Factory Red Rear wheel (mint) with tire (about 300 miles on it) $300
Front calipers (appear to be in good condition) $200
Etc etc, there is so much I don’t have prices for still on bike like brakes, tranny, engine, rear suspension etc.

Let me know what you need and we’ll go from there. I’ll mail if I have to but preferably someone in the Dallas Fort Worth for easy pick up or maybe even a salvage bike place can come buy it all from me at a reasonable price, honestly I don’t want to do any of this parts selling so I would probably take a little less for all of it at one time compared to selling it all separately for more money. Just a thought for someone who might want to do that.

Email me at:

[email protected]
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