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2007 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom

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During Covid my bike sat in the garage with a full tank of gas. When I went to get it out and ride i found the tank was completely rusted inside and had to clean and coat with POR-15 after removing rust with vinegar. I then put all back together and it will run but when i hit the accelorator it acts like its starving for fuel. Since I hear the fuel pump as it always sounded im assuming it is plugged with gunk. It is over 450.00 for a new fuel pump and Im wondering if anyone might know if there is a way to use an after market inline type fuel pump. I have found a range on ebay that look like they are ment for this but want to see if anyone might have any input.

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In reality, I think you have to go through the whole fuel system, disassembly, clean, and go from there. There is probably build up gunk all through out the fuel system, and if you don't do the whole system, you will be going in circles.. :)
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