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I would suspect water has iced in the fuel filter or in the fuel pump if you use fuel that is not oxygenated. Most pump fuel is oxygenated and will not freeze because the the alcohol content.

You may want to try some fuel Heat (product that thaws ice out of fuel) and try it again after the Heat is circulated.

It could also be the fuel filter is full of scum from old fuel, or snow/water clogging the air cleaner if you were enough snow to ingest it and wet the air filter.

If it were wet and cold enough you may have froze the air vent to the fuel tank and clogged that. Crack open the fuel cap and see if that makes a difference.

If you were running with old fuel, then it is likely a plugged carburetor that needs to be cleaned. By old fuel, it can be as new at three weeks old and go bad now days.
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