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Welcome to the forum, hope you haven't bailed on us already :lol:

As the others have written, the mods you are already planning to do will give you only minimal power gains, though you will be dropping a lot of money to get them.

If you want to mod the engine, the 2 things I know you can do are 1) lower the cylinder heads to boost compression (easier) and 2) increase the bore of the cylinders (much harder, lots more work and you need to replace the pistons as well).

For both of these mods you will need to have it done by a skilled mechanic and they won't come cheap either - boring the engine in particular (which is what will give you the most gains in hp) will set you back several thousand dollars.

So all in all, I agree with the others... if it's power you're after, sell your 6 and get a 10 - best value for money :smile:
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