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2007 zx6r

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Hey guys I bought a black zx6r back in August. At the moment I was making a lot of money and had no problem paying for the bike but recently I've ran into some financial problems and I'm struggling to make payments on it. The bike has 4,500 miles and the only "mods" I've done on it is a carbon puig windscreen and a carbon tank pad. I don't really know what my options are, but what I hope I can do is just find someone to take the **** thing and take over payments. If anyone is interested, no matter the location, I could make arrangements to meet somewhere or even pay to have it shipped. I've made 3 payments on it, so I think the price is down to around 8,300$ or so.

Even if none of you are interested in it, I'd appreciate it if you could inform friends or give me some possible advice as to what to do.

Other things I will include:
Black HJC helmet with dark smoke screen

Blue/Black Vega helmet

Black Joe Rocket "Kawasaki" jacket

Black/Carbon gloves

Carbon Windscreen

Original Clear Windscreen

Thanks for checking it out. As I said before, advice would be appreciated.
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Whats the difference between art and detail? There's no details to point out. I mean it has one tiny little knick from something flying up on the interstate but there's nothing to point out.

I've put it on craigslist - I had about 30 phone calls but it was all people saying "I want it. Give it to me and I'll pay you each month and you send it in to your bank." Sounds sketchy.
The pics are fine. Art or not, it's a 2007 - there isn't much else to see.

As for the 30 phone calls from Craigslist...
That's pretty much what "just take over the payments" means. What you seem to want is someone to assume your debt. And at that price it's not likely to happen. Regardless of how little you have used the bike, it's still used. The blue book value is going to be the determining factor on the amount of loan a finance company will assume. You might try contacting your finance company and letting them know you want to sell the bike. Have them tell you what they need you and the buyer to do in order to assume the note. The new buyer will need to have their credit checked as well. Best of luck.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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