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Has anyone figured out what avon or kuryakyn grips will fit the Voyagers? My dealer doesn't even know. He said Kawasaki changed the throttle side and said it's a fly by wire throttle system similar to the harley (whoops, I know that's a bad word in here, sorry!).

I went to order an AVON Air Cushioned Grip metric version (MT-AIR-90-CH and they told me it wouldn't fit the voyager because the handlebars are too big. But I later learned they are reduced down to 1" at the ends to accommodate the grips so they should work!

I know there kuryakyn has several different types depending on the configuration - Harley, Metric, fly by wire, standard. It's really confusing.

Has anyone had any first hand knowledge as to what grip to purchase? According to Avon and Kuryakn, they don't have a chart for the later voyagers, or so they say. But I may just be getting ahold of people that just don't know.

If anyone knows for sure, please let me know asap. Should I just order the metric grip or the Harley fly by wire 1" grip? Apparently where it could make a difference is where the cables connect.
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