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2009 Kawasaki Vulcan 500 clutch & brake levers

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Looking for adjustable brake & clutch levers, oems are out at the limit of my grip range, thinking adjustable levers would be more comfortable & maybe safer? Any recommendations? Thanks
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have found there are some that can work, usually aftermarket. look up what all the original lever is used on, then go shopping for one of the other models listed if you don't find any aftermarket ones. I do know the brake lever was used on 500, 800 and some earlier 1500 models. The Nomad 1500 came with adjustable levers, but had a hydraulic clutch, so that side is out, The Vulcan 900 appears to have an adjustable one on the brake, but the clutch side which is cable, doesn't show it. If that fails, check ebay

I really preferred the wide-blade ones on my 800A

Maybe these: Kawasaki Vulcan 500 800 900 2000 Classic Custom Drifter LT CHROME WIDE LEVERS | eBay

or these

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