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I suspect I'm not the only one with this problem so I thought I'd pass this along..My Bayou has had an engine noise that sounds very close to the sound piston slap or a loose wrist pin makes. A nasty, deep rattling sound. Mine has been doing it for over a year. When the electric starter failed and the engine started making A LOT of noise, a left-side tear-down revealed the bolts that secure the starter clutch to the flywheel had sheared off. They are captured in place so they can't fall out but mine had been loose and allowing the clutch to shake around for a long time before they finally sheared off.

So if your Bayou motor has a somewhat abnormal knocking/slapping sound, it's worth the effort to inspect that starter clutch before it comes apart.. Three new bolts and a tube of RTV and I was back in business and the engine sounds like a new one...:D
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