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We get the bottom of the barrel here in the USA. You would think that we would have access to some kick butt bikes...in small size... I guess the Government would rather us have 600 up bikes for those that aren't in the service overseas...I'm pretty **** Upset with our current choice of the EX 250 Model F, the so called Ninja 250R Sportbike. This is the bike that I push hard as it truely packs a punch and it is something that has low mass and power enough to reach the Maximum Federally imposed Speed LIMIT in our country. Then I find out, after writing to Kawasaki (USA and Japan) with ALL of my constructive criticism, that the bikes exist in UK and even Canada! Get rid of the 16" wheels was my first line, so that 17" sticky tires, more available and on EVERY other sportbike listed here for Kawasaki. I went on with about a dozen SAFETY ideas...then I find out there is a ZZ-R250 model in CAnada...The UK has a ZXR-250 model GPx250 model and Somewhere out there...is a kr1s model... Things could be worse for us here in the United States we could have the Republic of California involved and their bikes are nothing but a nightmare with differences that are major problems when trying to get rid of the smog and or controls involved. When I Enlisted into the US Navy we took an Oath to defend our Country against ALL Enemies Foriegn and Domestic...it seems that the only way we have to defend ourselves now is to VOTE! I don't want to get in to deep with everyones feelings towards our so Called Democratic Government in the United States of America...In the Beginning, we were a small country where we were tired af Taxation without representation...now we have representation but it seems very corrupt, even Socialistic is some areas of our lives. We pay taxes on what money we can earn, then when we spend it we are taxed again. I own a house and 10 acres that my grandfather bought 80 acres originally, then my father bought it, now I have it...do I own it....NO! should I refuse to pay my Personal Property Taxes on the County appraiser's list, then I lose the house and land. I now pay more taxes on the house and 10 acres than my grandpa, or even my dad did when he owned the house and land. AM I UPSET about the availability of a bike? **** straight I AM! I have to have on to be able to pay my taxes on my house to the State of Kansas....I won't even start on the Federal Government...IF they can't win they cheat, same as the STATE and County, city...IT's a raw deal. IF I can get my wife through the removal of her last kidney and the 6-8 weeks of dialysis before her sister donates a kidney and it heals up, I'm Packing up the wife, having an ESTATE AUCTION, sell the house and buy a small place in the Arizona Desert, or perhaps s. Nevada Desert. She can have her 1956 Buick and I can have my truck and a couple of bikes. Maybe WE will have a CHOICE of 250 Kawasaki's by then. I guess NAFTA is only good for the USA when it is only in THEIR interest. The best part of getting a 250 of my choice, should I actually have a voice in the matter, is that not only do I get to pay the normal taxes when you purchase someting, I never get to quit paying taxes on the vehicle as long as I own it in the state of Kansas. Personal Property Taxes, registration and tags...and should I park it the taxes accumulate...if I ever want to put it back on the streets of Kansas again. I just think that we should ALL have access to ALL the 250 Models that there are, and let the tax people (federal tarriffs, taxes, state taxes, county taxes, city taxes...) charge what they want, they're going to get it anyway. Then too, there is a Luxuary tax on certain vehicles in this county and state...oh joy, will the fun ever end? I GUESS THE DEALER HAS THE WORST END OF THE DEAL. THE DEALER HAS A $US 2,000.00 MOTORCYCLE AND BY THE TIME IT LEAVES THE SHOWROOM FLOOR AND THE RIDER PULLS OUT OF THE DRIVE HE HAS TO CHARGE US FOR ALL OF THESE FEES OR HAS TO GO OUT OF BUSINESS. PLEASE, PLEASE, please, go to the Kawasaki shops to purchase your parts, your Manuals and your supplies! MAW, Dennis Kirk, ALL of these warehouses can purchase in bulk and our dealers can't. Keeping them in business should be our first piece of business. Saving $2.00 on a lamp, is it worth it in the end if everybody doesn't buy them and we lose our dealers? BEARTOOTH KAWASAKI has set up this FORUM, and even if they can't order Canadian Bikes and support them, we don't want or need to lose what we only have left. They do everything for us that they can, even inform us that "sorry we can't sell you a Canadian bike...They deserve our business, because we can use this fourm for exchanging our ideas, even troubleshooting in countries other than our own...I know that posting or FLAMING is good for the soul every once in a while...just like going out on the back 10 and yelling as loud and as long as you can...you only scare wild life, hopefully not a skunk in the process. ARGHHHHHH!!!!!!!

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