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250cc Bikes

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I'm planning on getting a Ninja 250 next spring. It seems to be the best 250cc bike around. I like the looks, performance, reliability, etc. But then i saw the ZZR250...Is that the same bike with modifications? And, is there any other comparible 250cc bikes?
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I think that the Kawasaki Ninja 250 is the only bike of its type available in the US. All the other US-marketed sub-500's are cruisers. There are other 250 sportbikes available in other countries (like the ZZR250 you mentioned), but not here. You may be able to import one. But I don't think it's worth the trouble, since the Ninja 250 is such a great bike, and it's so cheap, and parts are abundantly available.
Yeah, i thought the 250 was my best bet. **** Japan with all their high-performance bikes we can't get! Lol But, in Canada, they sell the ZZR...But it's quite a bit more expensive.
Anyone heard of the XXR400? Best 400cc bike i've ever seen. Well, the only too....

You can import the bike it is very similar looking to our ZZR-600 except once you get it here you would have to order parts for it...just not worth the hastle...the price after the conversion is almost the same...
Well, i'll just stick with the 250. Seems like the best 250cc bike, without importing. If i had the money, and wanted to import, i'd get an Aprilia 250. :lol:

I feel the same a bout an Aprila bike...Love to have one...the 250 engine on the ZZR250 is the same as our EX250...the chassis is aluminum and it has 17" wheels...
whats the score with two strokes in the states, i was under the impression you couldnt have them over there cos of emission controls etc?
I don't know....I think that's only in California. Not sure though.
EPA is supposed to be cracking down

BUT we have weed eaters and bikes that are 2 strokes. I may even find a decent good 2 stroke and add on turnsignals and headlight to have a cheap town bike just for fun...

We can get by with it for local use on the roads but trying to take it through across the country would be insane...California would have kittens if you had a bike licensed for the road and had Kansas tags,,,as it's not legal ther so I'd get stopped everytime I passed a cop on the highway of sideway...just now worth the hastle...
Wierd laws

I have a trailer for highway use and as long as teh gross weight is less than 2,000pounds I can go anywhere in the states without a license plate, as long as it is attached to my Kansas registered vehicle. If I went to California or soem other state I'd be in big trouble for not having it registered and tagged...it has been from Kansas to California 3 or four times now taking routs from here through northern Colorado and even the southern route through Texas...
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