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Some days you just shouldnt get out of bed,
I just checked one of the most simplest things, the kill switch,
yes it does help to have it in the right position,
I must have accidently hit it when I turned off the lights,
well thats my story.....

Reposted from mechanics corner..
Hi all,

I have a KLF300C Bayou that wont crank, doesnt seem to have any spark when I try and pull start it either.

The bike does have power and the netural light is illuminated when the unit is not in gear (I guess showing switches and gearbox are alligned at least)

The Unit just stopped one day and wont start / crank again.

Is there a computer / smart iginition module on these units.

Not sure on age, could be early to Mid 90's

Any ideas ?
Trev. :oops: :oops:
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