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Hi folks, I have 2005ish 3010. It runs on starting fluid but just cranks otherwise. with the key on the pump makes an audible clicking noise-like it always has but the fuel filter is empty. No sign of a pulse of fuel when cranking either. I'm reading a variety of things on causes from relay to front coil to pump. I have power to pump because it makes noise so does that rule out relay and probably pump nd send me to the front coil ? I don't have an ohm meter but do have a test light. So is it cheaper to buy a relay and coil and just throw parts at it- who knows? Probably someone on this forum!
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If you suspect the Fuel pump then take off the outlet pipe at the pump, Attach a short length of hose pointed into a recepticle to catch fuel and flick the ignition switch on then off to see if fuel is delivered.
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