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500R Rear Signal Lights

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I bought some replacement lights for my 500R. The connectors did not fit so I reconnected the stock lights. Now the lights do not come on but the signals work. There are only two connectors per light (as apposed to 3 in the front). The front lights are fine. Any ideas? Fuse? Connector?
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You might go straight to Freakinout but you should only have two wires one for turn signal and one for ground...the only time that they are on is when your turn signal is on... I'm not "positive", only fools are positive, but I'm pretty sure. PM to Freakinout and ask him
Check the BULB

If it's a single element it's only a turn signal.
The lights stayed on when the bike was on. There are two wires and only two wires. I guess my big concern is visibility and what I may have f'd up by messing with the new lights. Any more ideas would be helpful.

First take a good dual filament bulb and find a good ground and then tape the ground around the base of the bulb...youo can use a piece of wire for this....then take the two wires and while the bike is running touch one of the two wires at a time to the bulb at a time...the one that works is your running light...then while you have that figured out you could test the other one to see that the turn signal wire works to...
Although both running lights may have the same color wire, testing is still the best. IF you don't have any luck there check the fuses...
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