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500R Rubber

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Thinking about changing the OEM Ninja 500R '03 tires with something more sticky. I was considering the Pirelli Diablo 150/60 but with a wider tire, don't I lose nimbleness? Should I instead get a thinner tire, like a 120/70 Pirelli MT75 like I did on my Ninja 250? Most 500R riders are getting OEM replacement 130/70 H-rated sport-touring Diablo Sport Demons, which is stoooooopid.

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Go with the Sport Demons. As stupid as it may be, they handle much better than stock and are the size determined by the factory. If you go wider or narrower, there will be trade-offs.
I just got the Sport Demon for my rear on my 500R. So far, I like it better than stock.

I was going to go wider, but decided against it for now. The sport demon cost me the same as the OEM tire. The plus sized tire was going to cost me an extra $40-$60 more.
I run pirelli diablos front and rear. 120/70/17 front and a 150/60/17 rear. I've never met anyone race a ex500 that didn't run the wider rear. My bike is quite a bit more nimble on the 150 than it was on the stock 130. I also now have a lot more traction while I'm leaned over.
Freaky, I believe that your bike is more nimble cause you have better tires. In your case it is not cause of size (my personal opinion). BTW, this is my stock baby:

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I'm sure there are better tires in the stock sizes, but I'm sure there are no true super sport tires in the 130/70 size. I like the stickier tires personally, plus I get lots of traction when I'm railing.
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