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500r undertail kit

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anyone know of a nice lookign undertail kit for a 05 500r (or earlier basically)?
price doesnt really matter cuz i hate how it looks, im about to rip off eveything and have no turn signals.

links would be a nice help too.... thx
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If you need more info...PM Ken7022!!!

First mark with pencil where fender and rear fairing meet.
Remove rear turn signals. I cut the wires since I was not using those lights again. I cut the wires right at the light so I had plenty of wire. (Ensure to mark right and left)
Pull turn signal wires through rear fender up to where your seat was.
Remove fender from bike. There is 2ea 10 (metric) bolts under seat back by brake light and 2ea on the sides.
Fender will almost fall out.
Cut rear fender at line with dremel. (can use anything you have)
Remove bracket, on under side of fender, with welded on nuts for bolts that were back by brake light. It has 2 rivets holding it to the fender.
Drill out holes in "L" brackets from Home Depot to fit 1/4" bolt.
Attach rear fender with "L" brackets and 1/4"x1/2" bolts. Do not tighten all the way.
Attach license plate bracket to "L" bracket (hardware came with holder).
Attach lights to holder. Ensure to tighten down.
Put license on holder and tighten down.
Tighten down fender with "L" brackets. Ensure everything is tight. 4 ea bolts for rear fender, 2 ea bolts for license plate bracket, both lights and license.
Connect lights to correct marked wires.
Zip tie all excess length of wires under seat.
Turn key to run and check if everything is connected correctly.
All should only take about 45-60 minutes if you make sure that your dremel is fully charged and do not have to wait 3 hours for it to charge. LOL
Have fun and it is not that hard to do.
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