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500r windscreen

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Anyone have any suggestions for an aftermarket windscreen for the 500r that will divert the air more upward than the stock?
I would rather not get a sport-touring one because I don't like the way the look. is any aftermarket one better than the stock? I do alot of freeway driving to work and get pushed around by all the air that flows right into my chest. :?

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Hey, I've got a 500R and have experienced the same buffeting you describe. Above 60 MPH, I just hunker down enough so that my shoulders are out of the wind and allow my helmet to pick up where the windscreen leaves off. This is fairly comfortable position for me to maintain (5'9", 150 lbs) if I rest my elbows on top of my knees.

Aftermarket windscreens don't seem to be too common for the 500R. My guess is that the market isn't good enough to support the required capital investment. You might consider a product called Wing-Tips made by Saeng, Inc.: http://www.saeng.com/2117.htm . I haven't wanted to spend the money for a pair since I recently bought a complete set of touring luggage. So, if you decide to give Wing-Tips a try, please let the board know how they work out for you.
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