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6 foot 4 to big for a Nomad?

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I’ve been looking to come back to bike for a while and was considering a Harley, when I came across the Vulcan 1600 Normad at a bike show and thought what a cool bike. My problem is that I’m 6ft 4in and need to try the bike out to see if it’s OK, but the small numbers imported into the UK means that its not possible to test ride a Vulcan. I’m concerned that the pulled back bars may make the bike too uncomfortable for me – ie make me lean back too far. The only bikes that I tried out are Harley’s – Road King (OK), Fat Boy (Great) and V-Rod (pain in the ****). So any 6 footers out there who can help out with advise would be great!
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Hello and Welcome! :)

I am also 6' 4" tall and ride a 1500 Classic. I have had 3 spinal surgeries....2 neck fusions and a lower back hemilaminectomy...L5 S1 which may be enough to keep some from riding at all but I have to say that it was just the opposite for me after I put on the 4 x 1 risers and a riders back rest. It feels like I'm riding in a very neutral position having it set up this way and not uncomfortable for me at all. I'm sure you could easily find your own comfort position on a Nomad with little effort....but that's just my opinion as I'm sure that would be possible with most bikes if you work at fitting the bike to you. Good luck on what ever you decide to buy.
spok said:
Whistle, did you used to do stunt jumping in a former life?

LOL...Obviously not very well. ;)

Construction = accidents

Horses = accidents

Too many hard landings when falling from scaffolding...ladders...stilts...hay trucks...etc.

This is only a test...if this were the real thing...I would be dead. :shock:
woodchucks800 said:
HE use to be Evil Knivel's stunt double. You don't think Evil was dumb enough to do those jumps himself do you?

LMAO....If I were his double...I might have a little more $$$ to show for my troubles. I have to report that it wasn't me that we all saw when those bike wrecks happened. I was too busy hurting myself by other means. Hopefully Evil still has some of his $$$ after all of his body bashing. I'm sure he does. ;)

Hopefully the weather there will be agreeable for you to be able to ride. If not....sitting on it and making engine sounds will no doubt entertain you until the newness wears off. :)
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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