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6 foot 4 to big for a Nomad?

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I’ve been looking to come back to bike for a while and was considering a Harley, when I came across the Vulcan 1600 Normad at a bike show and thought what a cool bike. My problem is that I’m 6ft 4in and need to try the bike out to see if it’s OK, but the small numbers imported into the UK means that its not possible to test ride a Vulcan. I’m concerned that the pulled back bars may make the bike too uncomfortable for me – ie make me lean back too far. The only bikes that I tried out are Harley’s – Road King (OK), Fat Boy (Great) and V-Rod (pain in the ****). So any 6 footers out there who can help out with advise would be great!
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Nomads are never resold because they were never purchased, just adopted into the family. HeeHee!

I'm 6'1" 230lb and have had no probs with the new Nomad. (My local friendly dealer lets me take out any bike.) The new 1600 has a lot of additions that more than justify the price. Chrome passenger boards, crashbar, etc, etc.
They are very comfortable and make for a great ride. The closest thing to it would be a Harley Road King Custom at an enormous price jump. Ouch! The Royal Star Tour Deluxe isn't bad either, if you don't mind the design and the slightly smaller engine 1300cc. It does have twice as many valves and a larger tank.

Don't think the reach will be a problem. The tiller bars are designed to make you sit more upright. That's the best way to survive a long ride. Otherwise its a kidney belt or bouts of lumbago.

If anything you might look at relocating the footboards forward or adding either cruise pegs or heel rests to stretch out a bit on a long ride. Places like RoadKrome.com have lots of accessories for most metrics at a fraction of what Cobra, Kuryakyn and Jardine charge for theirs.

Pegs and Boards:
Read some interesting posts up there. I myself have changed from boards to pegs. Couldn't understand my discomfort until I took a MeanStreak out for a weekend. Apart from having to move my foot up to the pegs each time I wanted to change anything (with pegs the pedals are already where they should be under your toes). I didn't enjoy having to take the weight off my feet each time and then pivoting on my heels. Pegs allow you to keep some weight on them even when you're braking or shifting. Do that with boards and your feet just slide forward. I also learnt that most of my boots had different thickness soles and heels. With pegs they don't feel different cos the arch thickness is always the same. Finally pegs can't trap your foot under the brake pedal if you happen to be wearing a pair of larger boots. In short boards make me feel like I'm ON the bike. Pegs make me a part of it. That's just me I guess.

Anyway I hope I've helped in some small way and not put you off altogether. Welcome aboard and best of luck.

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I'm with you. I knew about the V4 bit, and it is faster and harder revving and punchier. But our Brit colleague might like that. Don't know if it's cheaper in the UK or not. I went to have a look at the new models just last week. Apart from the awkward looking saddlebags, the colour schemes and the flyswatter sissybar pad, there's that radiator housing. Man it's everywhere you look. And all that before I get to the instruments. Who knows, somebody other than the design committee might like it. Maybe.
Not! :p
Giant said:
I went through your pains recently. I rode a Harley superglide for years and quit when kids and family came along. Kids are gone and I am back. I am 6 foot five inches and weigh in at 270 pounds. I tried everything, all the Harleys, Victory's, Goldwings/VTX, Yamaha's ... and found the Kawasaki Vulcan Classic 1600 to be the most comfortable. I have not tried the Vulcan 2000 yet, but may upgrade at the next opportunity. Good Luck!

Just so you know, if there is one consistent complaint about the V2K, it's the uncomfortable seat. It was one of the first things I modified. They got a little carried away lowering the seat height. And it's thirstier so even with the bigger tank you won't get the same range.
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