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6 foot 4 to big for a Nomad?

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I’ve been looking to come back to bike for a while and was considering a Harley, when I came across the Vulcan 1600 Normad at a bike show and thought what a cool bike. My problem is that I’m 6ft 4in and need to try the bike out to see if it’s OK, but the small numbers imported into the UK means that its not possible to test ride a Vulcan. I’m concerned that the pulled back bars may make the bike too uncomfortable for me – ie make me lean back too far. The only bikes that I tried out are Harley’s – Road King (OK), Fat Boy (Great) and V-Rod (pain in the ****). So any 6 footers out there who can help out with advise would be great!
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Thanks for that. I didn’t think of using a backrest and altering the bars might also be worth considering. But the fundamentals seem to be there, so it’s just a matter of playing around to get the best position!

I did manage to throw my leg over the bike at the bike show and was happy with the feel, but because of the limited number imported into England it’s unlikely that a dealer would have one on the floor (unless its already sold). That’s why a test ride is not possible (and why I’ve tried a Harley, because of the availability of a test ride). Still from what I’ve read on this forum, I think the Kawasaki VN1600 Classic Tourer (as it’s called here) maybe the way to go. The only issue is the price. A new one is $18,000 including taxes (a Harley is $26,900), and second-hand Nomad 1500s are as rare as hen’s teeth (I can only find 2 second-hand Nomads for sale in the whole UK – 2001 $11,250), as it seems their owners’ take them to the grave when they die of old age.
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Ok, I’ve found a couple of dealers who will sell me a new Vulcan 1600 Nomad for $16,000 on the road.
But one further question, I would like to take my 10 year son on the back to introduce him to the joys of motorcycling etc. He’s tried a Harley Road King, Softail and BMW R1150RS with no problems and from the pictures of the Nomad the footboards look to be in similar position as the Road King. So I’m assuming he’ll reach the footboards with his back resting on the sissy bar. Is my assumption correct (he’s about 4ft 9in)?
Ok guys I’ve done the deal, $15,950 including 2 years warranty, 1st service and delivery to my home – I live 140 miles away. Bike is due into the UK towards the end of the week and will be delivered to my home on the 3rd March.
Thanks for all the information; it was the key factor in deciding to buy a Kawasaki over a Harley.

PS Sorry I couldn't look at the Yamaha Gold Star as it's not imported into the UK.
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