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6 foot 4 to big for a Nomad?

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I’ve been looking to come back to bike for a while and was considering a Harley, when I came across the Vulcan 1600 Normad at a bike show and thought what a cool bike. My problem is that I’m 6ft 4in and need to try the bike out to see if it’s OK, but the small numbers imported into the UK means that its not possible to test ride a Vulcan. I’m concerned that the pulled back bars may make the bike too uncomfortable for me – ie make me lean back too far. The only bikes that I tried out are Harley’s – Road King (OK), Fat Boy (Great) and V-Rod (pain in the ****). So any 6 footers out there who can help out with advise would be great!
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I may be wrong, but I think this is the first post in regards to a rider size:bike ratio that is on the end of the rider being too big. Most of these posts are is the bike too small or is it too big for me. I'd not think that your size would be too large for the Nomad. I've sat on the closest HD equivilent to my vulcan that I can find (Heritage Deluxe or whatever they call it) and find that bike with its slim'r tank design to be a bit smaller than my 04 1500. I think if you can find one in a showroom, throw you leg over and get the feel, you'll be ok...IMHO
whistle clean said:
Hello and Welcome! :)

I have had 3 spinal surgeries....2 neck fusions and a lower back hemilaminectomy...
Whistle, did you used to do stunt jumping in a former life?
He'll fit jest fine. I have my 10 yr old daughter on my 1500, her feet fit the pegs just right and she's like me, vertically challenged only about 3'9"
a new baby kawasaki has found its new home..brings tears to a guys eyes....

Congrats on that ride Wyre...you won't be dissapointed
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