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Had my 600 Mile mantainance done and the rumours that I heard of a "smoothing out" point of the VN 900 engine somehwre after 600 miles and approaching 1000 miles is coming true. I was concerned of a roughness that I was erxperiencing between 400-600 miles...slight vibration in the handlebars and a very vague sense that the bike was a little more sluggish in slightly higher rpm's (I did not follow the break in procedure by the book but I was pretty careful to warm her up and did not go nuts with the revs but I did test out the maximum acceleration ability of the bike merging into traffic).

Very smooth now especially down low and seems to be working its way higher into the power band. The valves really whistle nicely now and a gently twist of the throttle brings a very smooth and refined response. Looking forward to see how much it smooths out.

Does anyone have any experience to lend on this topic?

In other news I am this >< close to acquiring a 2nd bike...a 2004 ZRX that is highly modified for performance (but nicely stealth) and I will be using that for long distance touring and weekend romps on higher speed limit roads around town.

Thanks in advance for your replies!
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