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6r>6rr fuel injection

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The new 2004 6rr model is stronger in lower rpms than the 2003 6rr because of finer fuel injection.
I own 03 6r so I wonder is it possible to mount only 04 6rr fuel injection on my bike to gain a few horseys and in the same time optimise fuel consumption?
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You would have to adjust many many settings to do that on your bike. The 6R has a 636cc engine and the 6RR has a 599cc motor. You'd be better off changing your exhaust and remapping your FI to gain those HP.
Heh.. It looked like a nice idea.. but it sounds like too much work and money.. so I'm gonna leave it like this.
Couldn't you use the 04 6R ones instead of the 6RR's? Just a thought, worth looking into.
Yeah.. but the 04 6r has the same FI as 03 so it"s usless!
Someone correct me if I'm wrong please!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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