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I'm looking at the owner's manual, the following is what is scheduled for 7,500 miles:

Carburetor Synchronization -check *
Idle Speed Check *
Throttle Grip Play -check *
Spark Plug -clean and gap *
Valve Clearance -check *
Air Suction Valve -check *
Air Cleaner Element -clean
Evaporative Emmision Control System (C) -check *
Battery Electrolyte level -check *
Brake Hose, Connections -check *
Brake Light Switch -check *
Brake Pad Wear -check * #
Brake Fluid Level -check *
Fuel Hose Connections -check * K
Clutch -adjust
Steering Play -check * K
Drive Chain Wear -check * #
Nuts, Bolts, and Fasteners -check *
Tire Wear -check *
Engine Oil -change
Oil Filter -replace
General Lubrication -perform
Swingarm pivot, uni-trak linkage -lubricate K
Radiator Hoses, connectors -check *

* Replace, Add, Adjust, or Torque if necessary
(C) California Model only
K Should be serviced by an authorized Kawasaki dealer

That is an intimidating list. What can I do myself? Where can I find out what/where this stuff is? What do I check for?
I'd like to do as much as I can myself.

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I just got a clymer & it seems sufficient. Do the stuff that seems easy & straightforward first. The biggest deal in tackling repairs/maintenance is confidence (well, after following instructions!) A bike is a great place to start. I just rebuilt my carbs (same bike), never really done that before. Runs great. I say jump on in.

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Run the title again ans set up a date and time and ask people in the area to show up and learn what is going on...besides the newbies, you will probably get some old timers...IF you were to throw in some "after hours time money/pizza and drinks to follow, you may actually get a couple of area mechanics to asssist and further enhance the community support for their shop."
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